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Long time Knoxville based photography studio recently came under new ownership and needed to update their image. In conjunction with The Binghame Group marketing agency, I was able to come up with a fresh and new design that still kept the same friendly and familiar traits that customers have been accustomed to since 1979

Who the Heck am I??

My name is Vincent Radford, and I am a freelance illustrator/designer and the sole owner of the Knoxville,TN based Voodazz Studios. I have over 10 years of experience in interactive and visual design as well as borderline obsessions with sushi and bowling.

What's In it for you?
  • Eye-catching visual design made to match your specifications.
  • A stronger business with efficient design and planning.
  • A product with lasting power and validity.
  • Creating a product you can be proud of and suits your needs.
  • Fair and competitive pricing.
  • Dynamic flexibility.
What else can I do?

I have hands on experience with user-centered design, interface design and usability evaluations. My extensive experience and passion for Interaction Design as well as the creative attributes developed from a my experience as an artist and illustrative results in emphasis on functionality, high attention to detail, and addressing user needs all encompassed into an aesthetically pleasing package.

Specialties: My professional and academic experience has contributed to my advanced knowledge of the web, its design limitations and technical speciļ¬cations. I have learned to quickly and accurately hand code web pages using multiple scripting languages over the years, this includes research and implement Information architecture, web navigation, web-safe palettes, color vision including color discrimination, cross-platform and cross-browser issues.

My main tools of the trade are Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML 5, CSS3, After Effects, Javascript/jQuery and my trusty mechanical pencil and sketch pad. I'm also constantly learning new software plus tips and tricks to keep pace with the industry.